The Group headquarters of Vienna Insurance Group (VIG), the Vienna Ringturm building (photo, © Ian Ehm)

Together we are stronger and better

Vienna Insurance Group – securely one step ahead

Partnership that pays off. Vienna Insurance Group (VIG) relies on security in all areas – successfully.

As the philosopher and most famous orator of ancient Rome, Marcus Tullius Cicero, already knew: “The shifts of fortune test the reliability of friends.” A wonderful sentence that still applies 2,000 years later. Aren’t our world and times an “uncertain situation”? Anyone who follows the news will answer this with a clear “yes”.

This makes it even more important that VIG always has been, and still remains today, a reliable friend, a reliable partner for its customers. There are many good reasons for this: its decentralised structures allow VIG to maintain customer proximity at all times – in 25 countries in the CEE region. VIG stands for reliability and trustworthiness. It provides direct, personal help – for example, during the disastrous floods in the Balkans (read more).

VIG also provides security to its around 23,000 employees – and more: appealing working conditions, development of talented employees and exciting career opportunities make Vienna Insurance Group one of the most attractive employers (read more).

Many examples of social involvement, such as the Group-wide Social Active Day (read more), show that the core values of an insurance company, namely solidarity connected with social responsibility, are considered part of day-to-day life at VIG.

This attitude allows Vienna Insurance Group to sustainably exploit the growth potential available in the CEE region over the long term. And this also benefits shareholders. That much is certain.