Vienna Insurance Group Annual Report 2014


VIG at a glance

Profit before taxes EUR 518.4 million

Overall positive. For the first time since 2011, all lines of business and regions once again provided a positive contribution to earnings compared to the previous year. The Czech Republic recorded the highest profit in the Group. Romania is back in the profit zone. Poland and Slovakia and the Remaining Markets provided their best performance to date in 2014.

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Solid financial result

Low level of interest rates. In spite of a write-down of Hypo Alpe Adria bonds and the historically low level of interest rates, VIG earned a financial result of EUR 1,116.9 million in 2014, compared to EUR 1,226.9 million in the previous year.

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Planned dividend per share EUR 1.40

VIG maintains dividend policy with an increase of EUR 0.10.

Best rating in the ATX Index

Outstanding. An A+ rating with stable outlook from Standard & Poor’s is clear proof of the Group’s outstanding capital resources.

VIG in the CEE region

The world of VIG (illustration)

Vienna Insurance Group (VIG)

From Austria to the CEE – a success story

Central and Eastern Europe. After its international expansion, a tour of VIG’s world now passes through 25 countries with different languages, culture and traditions. Come with us, and take a look at the leading insurance group in Austria and Central and Eastern Europe.

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Main principles for achieving VIG’s goals (graphic)

Vienna Insurance Group success factors

A clear strategy for success

Corporate strategy. The members of the Managing Board explain the main principles of VIG’s corporate strategy – and how it sets VIG apart from its competitors.

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Only what we can do well!

Peter Hagen on the basic principles of VIG’s success.

Regional Information

Customer orientation

Customer proximity at all times

In addition to having many customers, Vienna Insurance Group’s main goal is to have satisfied customers. To keep them satisfied, we want to exceed expectations – while being friendlier, faster, more reliable and more creative. A selection of recent projects.

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Cartoon about low interest rates (illustration, © Artur Bodenstein)

The challenge of low interest rates

VIG – conservative investment continues

0.05% interest rate. The European Central Bank (ECB) lowered its key interest rate to this historic low on 4 September 2014. A previous reduction in June had reduced the rate from 0.25% to 0.15%.

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Ronald Laszlo, head of the Enterprise Risk Management department and Groupwide Solvency II project (photo, © Ian Ehm)

Solvency II

Big changes from Brussels

The fundamental reform of supervisory law for European insurance companies has far-reaching consequences for the industry.

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Did you know …?

… that the economy in the CEE region is growing faster than in Austria?

… that insurance density in the CEE region still has a great deal of catch-up potential?

… that the motor vehicle market offers great potential in the CEE region?

… that 99% of all companies in the CEE region are small and medium-sized enterprises?

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Career Lounge


23,360 employees

56% in the field sales force

44% in administration

60% of the employees in the Group are women

20% fraction of women in the managing boards of insurance companies

40% fraction of women at the level directly below the managing board

VIG – Best Recruiter 14/15 (illustration)

VIG is looking for outstanding, motivated and talented personalities

Room for diversity

Attractive employer. VIG offers committed employees a wide range of international career opportunities.

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Fred Kofman, professor and business coach (photo, © Salvatore Brandt)

Fred Kofman – a guest of VIG


Skills. VIG holds regular events to ensure an exchange of experience between its managers.

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Your career at VIG

VIG on Watchadoo

A look behind the scenes: See why people in the VIG like to work here. Here you can see the videos.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Employees of IRAO in Georgia support the Monk Andrea´s Foundation (photo, © IRAO)

Responsible living – social involvement

Giving time

Around 19 working years. Thousands of VIG employees send a powerful message for more involvement, charity and solidarity on the Social Active Day. A tour of several projects from the world of Vienna Insurance Group.

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Peter Hagen, General Manager of VIG (photo, © Ian Ehm)

CSR guiding principle

For a future worth living

Our core business has always required being able to think in terms of and for many generations, assume responsibility and satisfy all the future commitments we make to customers today.

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