Non-financial performance indicators

VIG does not disregard social and environmental concerns in its efforts to achieve financial success. This is the only way the Group can be true to its fundamental goal of value-oriented growth. Day-to-day activities are based on credibility and integrity, customer satisfaction, diversity and equal opportunity, as well as mutual appreciation and respect.

Sustainable action takes a wide variety of forms in VIG and also differs greatly across regions. A few examples of its extensive involvement are presented below.

Social involvement – Example: Social Active Day

The Social Active Day initiative was started in 2011, right in the middle of the financial and economic crisis, by VIG's principal shareholder, Wiener Städtische Versicherungsverein, and very quickly became a success. Under this initiative, employees who want to become involved with a good cause or social organisation are generally allowed to spend one working day of their time on such activities.

The number of VIG companies taking part in the Social Active Day has increased steadily since it was started. Employees in Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia and Montenegro took part in the initiative for the first time in 2014, thereby increasing the number of participating Group companies to 41 companies in 22 countries. The VIG team volunteered their time for a very wide range of projects and social organisations: organisations for people with special needs, children's aid and environmental protection initiatives, social housing, flood victims and many more received active support.

650th anniversary of the University of Vienna

The University of Vienna celebrates its 650th anniversary in 2015 and is using the opportunity to organise a wide-ranging programme showing the relevance of research and teaching for further social development and the education of future generations. VIG is providing support for the gender equality part of the programme, which is the focus of many events and projects starting at the end of November 2014. One of the high points is the “Frauen AUS/SCHLUSS” initiative in June 2015. Nobel Prize winner Elfriede Jelinek wrote the text "Schlüsselgewalt" specifically for the 650th anniversary celebration. It will be presented theatrically by a speaking choir in the Arcaded Courtyard of the University of Vienna.

Environmental factors

Conservation of resources and the environment is important to Vienna Insurance Group, as can be seen, for example, in the design of its products. Wiener Städtische offers attractive environmental products, such as its environmental and climate bonuses for Austrian customers with low-emission and alternative drive vehicles. Wiener Städtische has also been a partner of the “klima:aktiv” mobility programme since 2006 and supports environmentally-friendly mobility technologies such as vehicles that run on natural gas, hybrid vehicles and other alternative power-train concepts.


Vienna Insurance Group employees bring the shared values of the Company to life, while taking account of the special characteristics and traditions of different regions. Extensive basic and advanced training is also offered to strengthen and expand employee skills. International employee assignments, mobility programmes and the Group-wide job market promote cultural and professional exchange across country borders and open up international career opportunities.

Vienna Insurance Group had 23,360 employees in 2014, with approximately 56% in the field sales force and around 44% in administration.

Approximately 60% of the employees Group-wide were women in 2014. Women held around 20% of the positions on the managing boards of VIG insurance companies at the end of the year and around 10% of the managing board chairs were women. Including distribution, women held around 40% of the management positions directly below the managing board level (not including distribution: around 45%).

Employees by Region

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Remaining Markets: Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine


Central Functions include VIG Holding, VIG Re, VIG Fund, the non-profit housing societies, corporate IT service providers and intermediate holding companies





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Removing barriers to women’s careers is one of the key elements of the personnel strategy at Vienna Insurance Group. In addition to implementing this principle in management development, for example, efforts are being made to give visibility to ambitious women at all levels.