Franz Fuchs

Franz Fuchs (portrait, © Ian Ehm)

Franz Fuchs
Year of birth: 1953
First appointed on: 1 October 2009
End of current term of office: 30 June 2020

Franz Fuchs began his career in the insurance industry as an actuary. He held leading management positions in other international companies as a specialist in the life insurance area and pension funds before joining VIG. From 2003 until early 2014, Franz Fuchs was Chairman of the Managing Board of Compensa Non-Life and Compensa Life in Poland. He has been Chairman of the Managing Board of VIG Polska since 2003. He was first appointed to the Vienna Insurance Group Managing Board on 1 October 2009.

Areas of responsibility: Performance management personal and motor vehicle insurance, Asset-Risk Management

Country responsibilities: Baltic states, Moldova, Poland, Ukraine

Supervisory board positions or comparable positions held in other Austrian and foreign companies outside the Group: C-QUADRAT Investment AG

Franz Fuchs is also active in the Supervisory Boards of significant1 Vienna Insurance Group companies: Kooperativa (Czech Republic), ČPP (Czech Republic), PČS (Czech Republic), Compensa Non-Life (Poland), InterRisk (Poland), Omniasig (Romania).

1 Vienna Insurance Group considers all companies that contribute at least 2% of written premiums and at least 2% in profit before taxes to be “significant”.