An overview of VIG’s strategy

VIG focuses on Austria and Central and Eastern Europe, where it offers custom-tailored, needs-appropriate products and services to its customers. Its strategy aims to achieve sustainable profitability and continuous earnings growth in order to remain a reliable partner. It pursues two main objectives when implementing its strategy:

  • Consolidating its market leadership in Austria
  • Taking advantage of the growth potential in CEE

Key strategic elements

Core business: Insurance

VIG concentrates on its core business, namely providing insurance solutions and advisory services that best address the different security and future provision needs of the people in its markets.

Focus on Austria and CEE

VIG is committed to Austria and CEE as its home market and is convinced of the many growth opportunities offered by the CEE region. The difference in the economic and insurance-specific maturity of these markets ensures broad risk diversification across countries.

Management principles

Local entrepreneurship

VIG’s decentralised organisational structure gives local management and employees great freedom in operating their business. This is because they know the needs of the local population and market structures best, and can design their distribution and products optimally to meet local circumstances. VIG Holding is responsible for Group management and works with the Group companies on a partnership basis. It is also responsible for cross-border reinsurance and international corporate business.

Multi-brand policy

VIG has intentionally retained its well-established local brands. It now uses around 50 brands in 25 countries. This allows different target groups to be better addressed, while strengthening regional identity. It also builds customer and employee loyalty to the Company. Group companies use their local brands as “given names”, together with Vienna Insurance Group as a “family name” to express the international nature and long-term experience of the Group.

Multi-channel distribution

VIG uses its own field employees, brokers and agents, multi-level marketing, direct sales and digital media. Another very important channel is bank distribution. Since 2008, VIG has cooperated closely with Erste Group, which is well positioned in the CEE region.

Conservative investment and reinsurance policy

VIG is responsible for EUR 37,430.6 million in investments (including cash and cash equivalents). Security and sustainability are its priorities for these investments. Most of the assets being bonds and real estate, with only a small portion in equities. VIG also pursues its reinsurance policy with care, passing on part of the risks it assumes to the international reinsurance market. The pooling of risks at Group level ensures an optimal balancing of risks.

Non-financial objectives


VIG thinks in terms of generations. The Group therefore has economic goals as well as social and environmental goals. Detailed information on the sustainability strategy is available in the Sustainability Report starting on page 8.

Employer of choice

VIG is committed to being an attractive employer. The key requirements for this are a genuine appreciation for and conscious use of diversity throughout the Group. Further information is available in the Sustainability Report starting on page 26.

Strategic measures

VIG has three priorities incorporated in its strategic work programme Agenda 2020:

1. Business model optimisation

2. Ensuring future viability

3. Organisation and cooperation

Detailed information on the specific initiatives of the Agenda 2020 is available starting in Strategic work programme.