An abundance of prizes and innovations

Local successes: VIG companies achieved a great deal in 2017. Here is a selection of highlights from the markets.





Compensa is the best digital insurer in Poland

Polish Group company Compensa received the award for “Best digital insurer” – for implementing modern technology in the work process – at the “Grand Gala of Banking and Insurance Leaders”. “Genesis”, the most comprehensive digitalisation project of the Group, helped the company win this award. Compensa is developing and testing forward-looking solutions in this project, such as process automation using artificial intelligence, or claims settlement and direct policy sales using an app. In the next step, the knowledge gained from the project will be made available as best practice examples for use by the entire Group.

Donau Versicherung celebrates its 150th anniversary

The Austrian Group company celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2017, making it the VIG brand with the longest tradition. Donau Versicherung has been part of the current Group since 1971 and is one of the largest companies of the Group. It attributes its success to its regional ties, market presence in Austria and customer orientation.

Kooperativa named Top Financial Company in the Czech Republic

Group company Kooperativa was recently chosen as the second-best company in the Czech Republic. The “Czech Top 100” competition also rated it the most successful financial company in the Czech Republic for the third time in a row.

Union Biztosító offers risk coverage that is always state-of-the-art

Hungarian company Union Biztosító has offered customers something new in the area of household insurance since the summer of 2017. Its “Joker supplementary insurance” allows customers to obtain coverage against risks that are not covered by their previous policies. What is special about the product? It works dynamically and is based on market conditions. The “Joker supplementary insurance” product provides coverage up to a specified maximum value for each new risk added to the terms and conditions.

Wiener Osiguranje raises awareness of “Healthcare Insurance”

“Vrag nikad ne spava” – “The Devil never sleeps” is the title of the successful marketing campaign used by Croatian insurance company Wiener Osiguranje to enter the health insurance market. Young people are the main target group, and “illness” is a topic that is often outside the awareness and comfort zone of the Group. The campaign attracted a lot of attention, received an award from marketing experts and contributed greatly to a very successful market launch.

Wiener Städtische allows video to be used to report claims

Austrian company Wiener Städtische has allowed customers to use live video to report claims via PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone since the beginning of 2017. The device just has to be equipped with a microphone and camera. The customer adviser assists customers with the proper settings during the conversation. The pictures are available to the claims employee immediately, which allows claims to be handled faster.

“B-Assist” app of the bulgarian company Bulstrad Life receives a flood of awards

The B-Assist app of Bulgarian company Bulstrad Life received three awards in 2017: best “mobile innovation” at the b2b Media Awards, IT project of the year from “Computerworld” magazine and the “Innovationspreis der deutschen Wirtschaft” (German business innovation award). In addition to showing the company’s health insurance customers all the details of their policy and available medical facilities in the area at the push of a button, the mobile app also assists scheduling appointments with the medical practitioner of their choice, reminds them of doctor’s appointments and supports confidential data exchange.

BTA changes over to a paperless office

Latvian Group company BTA has extensively digitalised its work processes and practically abandoned the use of paper entirely. There are now only four printers for around 300 employees. The development of an internal e-signature and new archiving systems were important steps on the way to a paperless office. Every document is now just a click away. The absence of paper makes BTA faster and more productive – while conserving resources at the same time.

Komunálna introduces assistance service to its household insurance

Slovakian Group company Komunálna is offering a new assistance service to customers of its ProDomo household insurance. This free supplementary coverage is popular because of the immediate organisational assistance it provides in the event of a loss. This ranges from coordinating plumbers, electricians and other tradesmen, to arranging alternative accommodation if necessary, all the way to organising waste disposal.