Business development of the Group in 2017

General information

The around 50 insurance companies belonging to VIG operate in the following reporting segments: Austria (incl. the Wiener Städtische branches in Slovenia and Italy and the Donau Versicherung branch in Italy), Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Baltic states, Hungary, Bulgaria, Turkey/Georgia, Remaining CEE, Other Markets and Central Functions. These twelve segments are explained in the segment reporting section.

The Remaining CEE segment includes countries such as Albania incl. Kosovo (a branch of an Albanian company is located in Kosovo), Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Moldova, Serbia and Ukraine.

The Montenegro and Belarus markets were not included in the Vienna Insurance Group consolidated financial statements in 2017 due to immateriality. More information on the scope of consolidation and consolidation methods is provided on page 121 of the notes to the consolidated financial statements. The notes to the consolidated financial statements provide detailed information on changes in the scope of consolidation starting on page 122.

Vienna Insurance Group operates with more than one company and brand in most of its markets. The market presence of each company in a country is also aimed at different target groups, and their product portfolios differ accordingly. Use of this multi-brand strategy does not mean, however, that potential synergies are not exploited. Structural efficiency and the cost-effective use of resources are examined regularly. Back offices that perform administrative tasks for more than one company are already being used successfully in many countries. Specific country responsibilities also exist at Managing Board level to ensure uniform management of each country. Mergers of Group companies are considered if the additional synergies that can be achieved outweigh the benefits of multiple market presences.

To improve readability, company names have been shortened throughout the entire report. A list of full company names is provided in the List of abbreviations. In order to avoid duplicate information, reference will be made below to appropriate information in the notes. Changes in significant balance sheet and income statement items are presented in both the segment report and the notes to the financial statements. Additional disclosures in the management report below are intended to explain these data in more detail.

Financial performance indicators

The key financial performance indicators that form the basis for assessing VIG’s business development are presented below.

Key figures from the consolidated income statement

in EUR millions



Change in %

Premiums written – gross




Net earned premiums – retention




Expenses for claims and insurance benefits – retention




Acquisition and administrative expenses




Financial result excluding at equity consolidated companies




Result from shares in at equity consolidated companies




Other income and expenses




Result before taxes