Healthy growth rates in health insurance

VIG aims to double its health insurance premium volume in five key countries by 2020.

A health insurance premium increase of


in the CEE region

The demand for individual health insurance is increasing in Austria and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Due to demographic change, tight funding for government healthcare systems and rising prosperity in CEE, this trend is likely to continue. Group-wide premiums increased 9.3% to EUR 563.9 million in the health insurance line of business in 2017. In CEE, the growth rate was even 43.1%.

VIG sees great potential in five focus countries. The aim is to double premium volumes in Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Turkey and Hungary by 2020. To take advantage of the growth opportunities, VIG worked together with the companies in the five key markets using a structured process to develop measures, some of which have already been implemented – from the development of new products, to targeted marketing, all the way to optimisation of claims and provider management processes. VIG Holding has a supporting role to ensure an exchange of knowledge between the Group companies.