Vienna Insurance Group Annual Report 2016


Managing board (photo, © Ian; Ehm Illustration: © Jelka Lerche)

You can count on us

The Managing Board of Vienna Insurance Group on the financial year just ended, and on what else you can expect from the market leader in Austria and Central and Eastern Europe.

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Our compass points east (illustration, © Jelka Lerche)

2016: Maintained course, kept promise

Our compass points east

The compass used by the Vienna Insurance Group (VIG) is special. It points east. This is because our Group, which has its headquarters in Austria, has made itself at home in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

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VIG at a glance

Profit before taxes EUR 406.7 million

This means our ambitious goal of doubling our profit compared to last year to up to EUR 400 million was overachieved. Half of the profit was generated by the Central and Eastern European markets.

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CEE region contributes more than50% 

EUR 9.1 billion in premiums

An increase of 4.4%, not including single-premium life insurance products.

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97.3% combined ratio

Due to a solid underwriting result, the combined ratio was once again significantly below the 100% mark in 2016.

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The VIG strategy at a glance (illustration, © Jelka Lerche)

Principles, measures, objectives

The VIG strategy at a glance

A strategic framework is the basic foundation for actively shaping corporate future. Here we outline the main cornerstones of the company strategy.

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Klaus Mühleder (illustration, © Kornel Stadler)
Our work must be implementation-oriented Klaus Mühleder
Head of Group Development and Strategy

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Life insurance (illustration, © Jelka Lerche)

An attractive product in spite of low interest rates

Life insurance of the future

Life insurance continues to be popular.

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medical treatment (illustration, © Jelka Lerche)

The demand for optimal medical treatment is increasing

VIG accelerates its health insurance offer

This line of business has particularly high potential in Central and Eastern Europe.

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Optimised claims management (illustration, © Jelka Lerche)

Optimised claims management

Rapid assistance and critical analysis are two sides of the same coin

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Customer satisfaction (illustration, © Jelka Lerche)

Internal contribution to customer satisfaction

Focus on comprehensive service

Assistance plays a key role in ensuring the future viability of our business model.

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Central and eastern Europe (bar chart)

From local hero to CEE Group

“We still have a great deal of upward potential”

There are two things you absolutely need as a pioneer: a lot of courage and patience.

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VIG at a glance (illustration, © Jelka Lerche)

Growth prospects of the CEE region

You can count on us – throughout Central and Eastern Europe

The Central and Eastern European economic area represents growth, future opportunities and a market of 180 million potential customers for Vienna Insurance Group.

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Future trends

Gábor Lehel on the strategic initiative “digitisation”

Vienna Insurance Group sets a balance between traditional and digital sales

Digitisation is an important focus for Vienna Insurance Group to remain fit for the future.

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Gábor Lehel (photo, © Union Biztosító)
transaction terminal (photo, © Compensa/Benefia)

This is how smart insurance sales work in Poland

Innovative channels to the customer

The Polish motor insurance market is highly competitive and the logical outcome would be aggressive pricing policies. Compensa, under its Benefia brand, is using a lot of digital finesse to follow a different path.

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Susanne Chishti on current trends in digitisation

Digitisation is both an opportunity and a challenge

A mega-trend and its effects on the insurance business. New business models and innovations due to digitisation will also affect the insurance sector.

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Susanne Chishti (photo, © Vanity Studios, London)

Market highlights

New corporate video for Vienna Insurance Group

Insurance stands for responsibility

Pictures speak louder than words, and VIG has produced a new video to speak on its behalf.


CEO Martin Diviš on Kooperativa’s 25 years in the Czech Republic

Martin Diviš: CEO and General Manager of the Czech Kooperativa

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Martin Diviš (photo, © Lukas BIBA/Economia)


  • VIG receives TÜV certification for efficient processes
  • Donau Versicherung honoured in the AssCompact Awards 2016
  • InterRisk in Germany provides high level of customer convenience
  • Kooperativa awarded the “Golden Crown”
  • Omniasig receives two awards

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Ray Sigorta (illustration, © Ray Sigorta)

New motor own damage product for women in Turkey

Ray Sigorta knows what women want

Ray Sigorta is breaking new ground by bringing a target group-specific product to the Turkish market: “Princess Casco” motor own damage insurance for women.

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Cyber Protect (photo, © Wiener Städtische)

Current trends in digitisation

Wiener Städtische protects SMEs from cyber attacks

You don’t have to be defenceless against increasing cybercrime. You can insure yourself against it.

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VIG in the capital market

Sound investment on a sustainable foundation

VIG is attractive – and not just due to its strong capitalisation!

Stability and security are of utmost importance in gaining the confidence of investors and customers and in maintaining this confidence over the long term.

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As an insurance group, stability and security are of particular importance to Vienna Insurance Group.
Vienna Insurance Group uses a very long-term approach for capital planning.

IR contact

Nina Higatzberger-Schwarz (illustration, © Kornel Stadler)

If you have any questions about the Group and VIG shares, please contact the Investor Relations team.

Nina Higatzberger-Schwarz
Head of Investor Relations
Phone: +43 (0) 50 390-21920

The VIG equity story

  • Market leader in Austria and the CEE region
  • Long-term growth potential
  • Successful business model: broad diversification across countries, products and distribution channels
  • Optimal combination of local entrepreneurship and central risk management
  • Experienced management
  • Strong capitalisation
  • Conservative investment policy

Rating confirmed again

A+with stable outlook

more IR news

Key figures VIG share

VIG share in 2016

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Share in 2016

Vienna Insurance Group shares following an upward trend

Nothing scares investors more than uncertainty. Although VIG shares also suffered the effects of uncertainty, they resumed their significant upward trend at the end of 2016.

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Corporate social responsibility requires a clear focus (illustration, © Jelka Lerche)

Corporate social responsibility requires a clear focus

Responsibility requires knowledge of expectations

Through a stakeholder survey and materiality analysis, Vienna Insurance Group determined key social, environmental and economic issues.

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Reinhard Friesenbichler on the importance of sustainable management

The impact that insurance companies can have with their investment portfolios should not be underestimated.

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Reinhard Friesenbichler (photo, © Ian Ehm)

VIG Investment

Gerald Weber (illustration, © Kornel Stadler)
Responsibility is a cornerstone of Vienna Insurance Group’s investment philosophy. Gerald Weber,
Head of VIG Asset Management

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Employer of choice

Mobility programmes

Mobile minds – Together sending knowledge on a trip

Qualifizierte Mitarbeiter erwarten einiges von ihrem Arbeitgeber. Um die Skilled employees expect something from their employer. To encourage employee performance and motivation in the Group, VIG Human Resources uses mobility programmes as a targeted measure for sustainable personnel development and Group-wide solidarity.

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Training & development

People make the difference

In order to attract the best employees, Vienna Insurance Group has made it a goal to be an employer of choice. Many measures have been taken to achieve this:

  • Vienna Insurance Group competence model
  • Performance Development Dialogue
  • VIG Corporate University
  • Technical Academies

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