Strategy and objectives

We and our around 50 Group companies have made a name for ourselves in Austria and the CEE region and have successfully established ourselves in the insurance market. We are united by a strategy that has precisely defined objectives and a desire to satisfy customer requirements in the best possible way. We aim to use this to effectively take advantage of the growth potential in the region.


The Vienna Insurance Group (VIG) expansion strategy began in 1990 and has proved its value to this day. The Group has worked its way to the top position in the insurance markets of many countries. To further strengthen and expand this position, the special features of the individual markets are harmonised with the higher-level objectives of the Group. The following objectives have top priority in the business strategy:

  • consolidating the market leadership in Austria and
  • taking advantage of the growth potential in the CEE region

The decisions required for this are made based on the need to continuously improve earnings power, ensure a positive underwriting result and maintain a conservative investment policy.

The core business of Vienna Insurance Group focuses on “insurance”, with a regional focus on Austria and Central and Eastern Europe. These two key strategic elements are based on four management principles that have proved themselves in the past and will continue to form a basis for all important business decisions by the Group in the future.