Strategy and objectives

Since our early expansion into Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), we have set a course towards sustainable growth. Using an incisive corporate strategy, a clear vision, and the highest possible level of customer focus, we aim to tap into the growth potential both in Austria and the CEE region as far as possible.


Thanks to its expansion into the CEE region, which began in 1990, Vienna Insurance Group is now market leader in both Austria and Central and Eastern Europe. In order to continue on this successful path, the Group follows a strategy focusing on the particular characteristics of the individual markets. In addition, however, VIG also makes a great effort to achieve the higher-level Group targets. Its business strategy gives top priority to

  • consolidating its market leadership in Austria
  • taking advantage of the growth potential in the CEE region.

The decisions that must be taken to implement these objectives are aimed at achieving continuous improvements in profitability.

VIG focuses on its core business of insurance, with a clear regional focus on Austria and Central and Eastern Europe. These two core strategic elements are accompanied by management principles that have proven themselves in the past and will continue to form a foundation for all of Vienna Insurance Group’s important business decisions in the future.