Non-financial performance indicators

Since the Beginnings of the Group more than 190 years ago, the ethical values that form the basis of the corporate development are deeply embedded in the Group’s understanding of itself. Credibility and integrity, as well as appreciation and respect, form part of these values and underpin the corporate responsibility that is put into practice.

The VIG uses many measures and projects to provide a valuable contribution in many areas of society. The following provides some examples that represent the Group’s wide range of commitments.

Social involvement

Children and the promotion of their development is an area of particular importance in the social activities of VIG.

VIG Kids Camp

Around 500 children from 22 nations – from Bulgaria and Ukraine to Slovakia and Poland, to name a few – spent two weeks of their summer holidays in 2015 at VIG Kids Camp. For the sixth time, the main shareholder of Vienna Insurance Group, Wiener Städtische Versicherungsverein, invited children of employees of VIG Group companies to Austria. They had three camps to choose from: the “City Camp” on the outskirts of Vienna, the “Country Camp” in Wagrain in Salzburg, and the “Mountain Camp” in Mariazell in Styria. This is a fun way for children to get to know the international environment in which their parents work. At the same time, the VIG kids camp promotes inter-cultural relations and diversity by opening up countless new horizons.

Language learning app

In autumn 2015, a new free app enabled children to learn essential German vocabulary independently. Various exercises and repetitions help them master a basic vocabulary of around 1,000 words. The app for smart phones and tablets is also backed up by printed learning materials. This way, teachers can also aid students with the project. The VIG Group company Wiener Städtische is one of the partners of this Austrian education initiative, which mainly benefits migrants and supports them by helping them adapt to their new environment.

Cultural commitment

Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra

As a place of learning for talented European orchestra musicians, Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra, which is considered the best youth orchestra in the world, helps young Austrian musicians play music with their colleagues from all over Europe, traditionally including many participants from Central and Eastern Europe. More than 2,000 musicians apply each year, and after the rigorous selection process, the best are invited to join the orchestra. Vienna Insurance Group has supported Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra for many years.

Environmental factors

Taking care of the environment is also one of the key components of corporate responsibility. VIG demonstrates it in various ways: starting with energy-efficient air conditioning in the form of a district cooling system and the use of video conference rooms for international meetings at company headquarters to using sustainable construction methods for new construction projects. Furthermore, in 2014, a new printer concept was introduced in the Austrian companies, which led to a substantial reduction in paper consumption. Embracing the digital age, the Czech company Kooperativa has created an option for digital signature with biometric features. This not only makes processing convenient for clients, but also saves paper. The Romanian VIG company Omniasig also began a campaign intended to draw attention to environmental issues, in particular, protection of the Danube Delta nature reserve.


The diversity of the different Vienna Insurance Group companies is also a reflection of the diversity of its employees. This diversity is part of day-to-day life within Vienna Insurance Group. Respect for different cultures and the cross-border sharing of experience and know-how have played an important role in the sustained success of the Group. As an employer, VIG’s goal in this respect is to promote the professional and personal development of its employees and support them in demonstrating and further developing their abilities.

In 2015, Vienna Insurance Group employed 22,995 people. Of these, 12,791 worked in field sales and 10,204 worked in administration. Overall, the Company employs 365 fewer people in comparison with the previous year. This decrease is the result of the merger in Poland, as well as the optimisation programme in Romania. In 2015, the proportion of women across the Group was approximately 60%. Women hold around 22% of the positions on the Managing Boards of VIG insurance companies and around 12% of the Managing Board chairs are women. Elisabeth Stadler has been managing the Group since 1 January 2016.

She is currently Austria’s only female Managing Board chair of an ATX company. Including distribution, women hold around 40% of the management positions at the level directly below the Managing Board in Vienna Insurance Group insurance companies across Europe (not including distribution: around 45%).

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Removing barriers to women’s careers is one of the key elements of the personnel strategy at Vienna Insurance Group. In addition to implementing this principle to, for example, the management development process, efforts are being made to give visibility to ambitious women at all levels, for example, by assigning more women to attend external conferences, platforms, etc. as representatives of the Company.

VIG is specifically involved in events such as the “Business Riot” - the Festival for Women, Work & Entrepreneurship, in particular making contributions on the subject of “actively structuring female careers”.

Corporate governance

VIG is committed to the application of and compliance with the January 2015 version of the Austrian Code of Corporate Governance. This is available to the public both on the VIG website at and on the website of the Austrian Working Group for Corporate Governance.