Austria and Central and Eastern Europe – this is our home

With around 50 companies in 25 countries in Austria and CEE, we serve a region of 180 million potential customers. Vienna Insurance Group has operated in the CEE region for 25 years. We have become an established institution in the region and, as a market leader, we feel at home there.

VIG market shares (map)

VIG’s overall market share of 18% makes it No. 1 in its core markets


Market share Austria (pie chart)

Market share: 23.7%

Premium volume: EUR 4,055.5 million
Employees: 5,133


Market share Bulgaria (pie chart)

Market share: 14.2%

Premium volume: EUR 131.0 million
Employees: 799

Czech Republic

Market share Czech Republic (pie chart)

Market share: 32.7%

Premium volume: EUR 1,554.8 million
Employees: 4,758


Market share Croatia (pie chart)

Market share: 8.2%

Premium volume: EUR 90.8 million
Employees: 715


Market share Slovakia (pie chart)

Market share: 33.7%

Premium volume: EUR 716.5 million
Employees: 1,580


Market share Serbia (pie chart)

Market share: 9.3%

Premium volume: EUR 81.8 million
Employees: 1,060


Market share Poland (pie chart)

Market share: 6.5%

Premium volume: EUR 838.9 million
Employees: 1,723


Market share Ukraine (pie chart)

Market share: 4.3%

Premium volume: EUR 53.2 million
Employees: 1,432


Market share Romania (pie chart)

Market share: 22.6%

Premium volume: EUR 428.6 million
Employees: 2,106


Market share Hungary (pie chart)

Market share: 7.4%

Premium volume: EUR 204.3 million
Employees: 464

Market share

1st–4st quarter 2014: Slovakia
1st–3rd quarter 2015: Bulgaria, Poland, Serbia, Ukraine and total core markets
1st–4st quarter 2015: Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary