“The industry is developing virtual channels that ensure a sense of security.”

The students in the Master Class CEE stress the importance of security in the virtual world. What does this mean for insurance companies?

Technology is becoming increasingly multi-dimensional. Smartphones are not just for making phone calls, but also for buying, watching TV and making payments. The shape of communications and product distribution is changing and insurance companies have to face the challenge. Personalised products must be offered in an uncomplicated way, at a time and place determined by the customer. The industry is in the process of developing virtual channels that ensure a true sense of security. We are, however, at the start of this development and there is a great potential for insuring virtual risks.

What do you think about the ethical conflicts the students addressed?

The new technologies always involve data transfer – to and from the customer. It is an exchange: service in return for information. The better a customer’s needs are known, the better the product can be. This also applies to insurance. However, it is the customer who decides whether to give information or not, and it is our responsibility to handle it with great care.

How can insurance companies meet the growing need for mobility?

The insurance business is already very international and follows its customers wherever they go. This ranges from cross-border motor vehicle insurance to health insurance while abroad. Knowing that mobility will continue to increase in the future, insurance companies are developing digital channels that allow customers to purchase the policy of their choice any time and any place.

What solutions do the Polish Group companies have for the future trends that were mentioned?

We have primarily invested in modern IT solutions. In the case of Skandia, for example, we have smartphone apps for policy management and a personalised asset management programme. Benefia, which has now been merged with Compensa, developed a solution that allows a motor-vehicle policy to be issued within a matter of minutes using a QR scan. Compensa is focusing on digital sales support. Sales employees can issue policies via their smartphones or tablets. We have seen that our customers greatly appreciate our desire to innovate.