Elisabeth Stadler

Elisabeth Stadler, General Manager (photo, © Ian Ehm)

Elisabeth Stadler
General Manager
Year of birth: 1961
Date first appointed: 01.01.2016
End of current term of office: 30 June 2018

Elisabeth Stadler studied actuarial theory at the Vienna Technical University and began her career in Austrian insurance industry as a Board member and chairwoman. In May 2014, she was awarded the professional title of professor by Federal Minister Gabriele Heinisch-Hosek for her services in the insurance industry. Since September 2014, (until 31 March 2016) she has served as General Manager of Donau Versicherung and has been in charge of VIG since 2016.

Areas of responsibility: Management of the VIG Group, strategic issues, European issues, corporate communications and marketing, sponsorship, human resources management, business development

Country responsibilities: Austria, Czech Republic

Positions held on the Supervisory Boards of other Austrian and foreign companies outside of the Group: Österreichische Post AG, Bank Austria Real Invest Immobilien Kapitalanlage GmbH, Die Österreichische Hagelversicherung, Casinos Austria AG