The goal of innovation leadership

Wiener Städtische digital offensive

Wiener Städtische is making changes. Our digitisation strategy is being systematically implemented, starting with a redesign of the website and a completely new range of apps, right through to the topic of online insurance. We were clearly focused on a single goal – achieving digital fitness and helping to shape the course of technical change.

What else can we expect in terms of online strategy for your customers?

We have developed a new range of online products, professional advisory videos and a range of apps to satisfy customer requirements for greater online communication. This allowed us to further strengthen our innovation leadership. We will also continue to drive forward and proactively pursue our digital themes in the future. Our field sales force, for example, has already been equipped with new touch-screen laptops. Electronic signatures and modernising sales force web pages are also important topics.

So your field sales employees have their own web pages?

Yes, that is an important element in our digital offensive and continues to be unique among insurance companies. Each field sales force employee has their own web page and a personalised electronic business card. This concept of using a completely new digital approach to deal with customers opens up possibilities for customer advisors to provide customer-friendly, service-oriented sales support. The logical outcome is an increase in online sales.

What steps have been taken internally towards digitisation?

Behind the scenes, we have steadily developed our system to provide a simple, comprehensive customer view, our “business radar”. We have now reached a position that is state-of-the-art and trend-setting for the insurance industry. We are also planning further projects on customer communication and sales support for the future.


Gerhard Hopfgartner (43), Head of Marketing at Wiener Städtische, is responsible for market research and product management, among other things.