“Our focus is on people”

What are your responsibilities at VIG?

I am responsible for implementing Group-wide initiatives and incentives that set a framework for local heads of HR. Since they know local conditions the best, Group companies are independently responsible for the direction they take, such as providing local advanced training courses.

What makes VIG an attractive employer for job seekers?

We offer a wide range of opportunities and prospects. Our advanced training and development programmes focus on Group-wide collaboration and international experience. Continuing training is available in all areas, right through to the systematic promotion of expert careers and the development of managers. Employees can exchange information with their colleagues in other countries and develop an understanding of different cultures and local market conditions.

What is particularly important to you about your work?

Since our success is based on our 23,000 employees, we have a clear focus on people. Only by working together can we continue to provide excellent service to our customers in 25 countries. What particularly sets us apart is that our VIG team is motivated, diverse and capable, and speaks many languages.

What are the priorities for the future?

We want to continue promoting diversity within VIG and providing all employees with opportunities for development. Our goal is to become even better every day, so that we can continue to attract – and retain – the smartest minds for our company in the future.