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General Information

Editor and media owner
Wiener Versicherung Gruppe
Schottenring 30, 1010 Vienna
Company register: 75687 f
Commercial Register of Vienna
Data Processing Register code (DVR No.): 0016705

Investor Relations
Nina Higatzberger
Phone: +43 (0) 50 390-21920

General Secretariat
Sabine Stiller
Phone: +43 (0) 50 390-21062

Project coordination: Sylvia Machherndl

Project team: Roland Fuhry, Claudia Hartl, Nicole Motal, Manuela Pipek, Chantal Rannersberger

Concept idea/art direction/editorial assistance: Mensalia Unternehmensberatung

HTML design, concept and realization: nexxar GmbH, Vienna - Online annual reports and online sustainability reports

English Translation: RR Donnelley, Language Solutions


This annual report includes forward-looking statements based on current assumptions and estimates that were made by the management of VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP AG Wiener Versicherung Gruppe to the best of its knowledge. Disclosures using the words “expected”, “target” or similar formulations are an indication of such forward-looking statements. Forecasts related to the future development of the Company are estimates made on the basis of information available as of the date this report went to press. Actual results may differ from the forecasts if the assumptions underlying the forecast prove to be wrong or if unexpectedly high risks occur.

Calculation differences may arise when rounded amounts and percentages are summed automatically.

The annual report was prepared with great care to ensure that all information was complete and accurate. The possibility of rounding, type-setting or printing errors, however, cannot be ruled out completely.

Our goal was to make the annual report quick and easy to read. For this reason we have not used phrasing such as “he/she”, “his/her”, etc. It should be understood that the text always refers to women and men equally without discrimination.


Wiener Versicherung Gruppe
Schottenring 30
1010 Vienna

Phone: +43 (0) 50 390 22000

Website – online report

The annual report is available in German and English on our Internet website ( under Investor Relations, and can also be downloaded in both languages as a PDF file.

In case of doubt, the German version is authoritative.

Editorial deadline: 17 March 2016