Measures put in place to promote women to the managing board, supervisory board and management positions in the group

Women Supervisory Board members

Women hold around 18% of the positions on Vienna Insurance Group supervisory boards across Europe (as at 31 December 2016) and 33% of the positions in VIG Holding.

Women Managing Board members

Women hold around 23% of the positions on the managing boards of Vienna Insurance Group companies, around 13% of the managing board chairs are women, and 33% in VIG Holding. Since 1 January 2016, Elisabeth Stadler has been the first woman managing board chair of an ATX company in Austria.

For comparison, women held 9.8% of the managing board positions in the 59 largest German insurance companies in 2016, and 1.7% of the managing board chair positions in these companies.

Women in management positions

Including distribution, women hold around 42% of the management positions at the level directly below the managing board in VIG insurance companies across Europe (not including distribution: around 47%).

Appreciation of diversity and, therefore, removing barriers to women’s careers is one of the key elements of the personnel strategy at Vienna Insurance Group. In addition to implementing this principle to, for example, the management development process, efforts are being made to give visibility to ambitious women at all levels, for example, by assigning more women to attend external conferences, platforms, etc. as representatives of the Company.

Nomination procedures for Group-wide training programmes for management, high potentials and experts are also required to include equal numbers of women as far as possible, with the local human resources department bearing ultimate responsibility.

In the year 2016, managing board performance-related compensation in the individual Group companies was made dependent on diversity and, therefore, gender criteria.

Vienna Insurance Group is specifically involved in events such as the “Business Riot” – the Festival for Women, Work & Entrepreneurship, in particular making contributions on the subject of “actively structuring women’s careers”.