You can count on us – in Austria and Central and Eastern Europe

The Central and Eastern European economic area represents growth, future opportunities and a market of 180 million potential customers for Vienna Insurance Group. With more than 24,000 employees, VIG is the clear market leader in its Austrian and CEE markets. This plainly shows how many customers already rely on the expertise and service of our Group companies in 25 countries. The people know they can count on us, because our compass points East.

VIG market shares (map)

VIG is number 1 in its Austrian and CEE markets.


Market share Austria (pie chart)

Market share: 24.2%

Premium volume: EUR 3,941.3 million
Employees: 5,170

Czech Republic

Market share Czech Republic (pie chart)

Market share: 31.8%

Premium volume: EUR 1,529.18 million
Employees: 4,762


Market share Slovakia (pie chart)

Market share: 32.9%

Premium volume: EUR 732.3 million
Employees: 1,678


Market share Poland (pie chart)

Market share: 6.7%

Premium volume: EUR 819.2 million
Employees: 1,586


Market share Romania (pie chart)

Market share: 25.6%

Premium volume: EUR 533.4 million
Employees: 1,991

Baltic states

Market share Baltic States (pie chart)

Market share: 19.0%

Premium volume: EUR 140.2 million
Employees: 1,281


Market share Hungary (pie chart)

Market share: 7.3%

Premium volume: EUR 224.2 million
Employees: 464


Market share Bulgaria (pie chart)

Market share: 14.0%

Premium volume: EUR 136.7 million
Employees: 834

Market share

1st – 4th quarters 2016: Slovakia
1st – 3rd quarters 2016: Austria, Baltic states, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Romania